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Preventative Maintenance

Benefits of a tune up

Regular preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping your A/C system in top shape year-round. Our comprehensive service is meticulously designed to ensure your system operates efficiently, preventing any unwanted surprises when temperatures soar in the summer. Following each maintenance visit, we provide you with a detailed report and photos illustrating the condition of your system. Excitingly, we now offer maintenance agreements, which bring exclusive benefits to our valued customers. Take a look below at the advantages of becoming a Preventative Maintenance Agreement customer!

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Increase your equipment lifespan

Your air conditioner is a long term investment, if taken care of can last  10-15 years. A routine maintenance can prolong the life of your system

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Reduces need for costly emergency repairs

Emergency repairs can be costly. It can also leave you hot if parts are readily available. A system tune up will often catch common problems that if they aren't fixed with shut the system down.


Energy Efficiency

When your system has a restriction, like a dirty coil it will cause your unit to pull more energy. During a preventative maintenance the tech inspect your unit to ensure its running to the best of it's potential.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Thorough twice a year Preventative Maintenance

Priority Service

Discounted After Hours Fee

10% off Parts

Tune up includes report with photos and peace of mind knowing your system is in good hands

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